• Discover Magazine, the leading popular science magazine in the US, engaged AE to design and build a new website that would be more engaging, driving more traffic, ad sales, and subscriptions.
  • Our new web design helped increase monthly page views by more than six times in its first two years.
  • The new content management system (CMS) was much easier for the staff too. Previously, it took Discover up to three weeks to publish an entire magazine issue online. The new CMS we developed reduced publication time to as few as three days.
  • In 2010, Kalmbach Publishing announced that it was acquiring Discover Magazine, largely due to the ongoing success of its digital operations.


“Abstract Edge embraced Discover’s mission of embodying the best of science, technology, and the future. Their site design and architecture represents a giant leap forward from our old online approach. They produced a site with a clean, fresh look backed by a robust publishing infrastructure that allows us to produce more interactive content more often.”

– Henry Donahue, CEO